Easter is just around the corner!

Easter is just around the corner, bringing joy, chocolate and happy memories to share with your family and friends.


Send Easter wishes and messages and spread the beauty of the holiday to all your friends and family members. Especially if you aren’t able to see your loved ones in person this Easter.

Real SolutionsReal Solutions

Click Rail Track & Twist J HookClick Rail Track & Twist J Hook
Twist J HookTwist J Hook

We offer hanging and display systems to stay connected, display photos and family memories.

As a family business, AS Hanging Display Systems encourages families to stay close despite the threat of Covid-19. It is important to follow the basic rules of social distancing, frequent hand washing, etc., and thus stay healthy and stay a family for a long time.


The Click Rail Track allows you to hang photo frames, Easter crafts made by the family’s children, without making holes in the walls. Our new Twist J Hook is perfect to display eggs and easter's deco!

Easter Crafts

The Casso® Display Rail  and the Casso® J Hook will allow you to display the Easter crafts of your kids or grandchildren and all the beautiful holiday’s pictures of past years!


Easily, quickly and without damaging the walls!

Casso® J HookCasso® J Hook
Casso® Display RailCasso® Display Rail

Wishing you sunshine and a basket full of chocolate on this beautiful day.

Happy Easter Day!