Pictures and Art

Hanging and Display Projects

Discover all kinds of artwork hanging systems to help you realize any of your hanging and display projects. We offer art hanging systems for all needs, and all types of walls and ceilings. Discreet, classic, architectural, our artwork hanging systems offers a myriad of styles and functionalities. Explore your options and give us a call if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

  1. Classic Gallery System

    Classic Gallery System
    Classic Gallery System evolves with your needs and lifestyle, it is the most rugged and heavy-duty of all gallery systems. Because this system is based on rods, it is ideal where strength, anti-theft and extreme convenience are the driving influence. A selection of rods in several lengths and multiple colors helps you adapt the Classic Gallery System to standard or high ceilings and to match or compliment most any décor.
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  2. Art Wall in the Salon Style

    Art Wall in the Salon Style
    To reach the Salon Style of art arranging without any damages to your walls, you need to integrating art hanging systems. Endless possibilities for a salon style or photo wall display!
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  3. Picture Hanging Ideas for Lofts and Open Spaces

    Picture Hanging Ideas for Lofts and Open Spaces
    The open layout of a loft offers many unique decorating opportunities but... With so much openness and so few walls, you may encounter some aesthetic challenges when trying to put up your wall hangings. Here we'll look at some useful tips for enhancing the look of your loft and making sure the things you display on your wall don't give you trouble.
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