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In this application a series of art panels are hung from Utility Hooks. Each panel is hung using a pair of hooks at the top and bottom of a panel. Each column of panels is suspended using a pair of Tensioned Cables. In this instance the cables are mounted from Articulated Piers directly fastened to formed concrete walls.

When is a Ceiling Track not ceiling track? When it is used on floors. In this installation, display space needed to be created. There was a shortage of vertical walls. Ceiling Track was mounted to the bottom of the roof joists and immediately below on the floor surface. Cables are then tensioned between the two using a Tensioner Spring. The result is frames that appear to float in space.


The Academy of Art University in San Francisco has deployed Click Rail System at the top of a myriad of moveable wall segments and display columns. The benefit of a hanging system in their main gallery space is rather obvious. Click Rail System was deployed because there is a bit of dislodging avoidance with the cable/track design, an important attribute in earthquake zones.

Classic System was deployed in this multi-floor gallery to provide extra versatility and convenience. Classic System Rods lend extra weight bearing capacity in the event a particularly heavy piece needs to be displayed. Rods also lend the most convenient and efficient workflow when resetting the gallery.

When a gallery creatively displayed this multi-panel art piece from five Classic System Rods, they not only sold the art piece but the hanging system as well. Each panel is maintained in a balanced orientation via Rod Frame Stabilizers.


Pocket Display System makes frequent appearances in educational facilities. Here, a corridor wall is lined with 8.5 x 11 acrylic sleeves. Each one is capable of presenting a photo or school project. Contents can be changed easily. These are suspended from Tensioned Cables mounted to Wall Track placed at the top and bottom of the wall section.

One of the better applications of Pocket Displays is in the presentation of juvenile art. The art is of low value yet it needs to be protected from curious and prying hands. These acrylic sleeves do a good job of protecting each individual piece, providing adequate support and professional display without the cost fames. Contents are simply removed and changed via an opening at the top. Pockets are held in place by the use of Side-Clamps.

This collegiate art department corridor is constructed from masonry blocks. Certainly this is not the ideal surface for the use of common art hanging hardware - with all the damage and difficulty that would incur. Click Rail System was installed at the ceiling line and all subsequent displays hang from it. What can't be seen in the photo are the Aluminum Frame Hooks used to attach the college issued frames to the stainless steel cables. These patented hooks interface directly to the channel in the rear sides of the frame.

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