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Here, a city displays a collection of progress photos featuring a major municipal construction project. In this manner the public can be kept abreast with minimal effort. Our Pocket Display System acrylic sleeves are deployed from Articulated Piers, in just one variety of Tensioned Cable Systems. The contents can be changed out easily via the loading sleeve design - making expensive and inconvenient frames, unnecessary.

This traveling display from NOAA is temporarily presented in a library. The wall, which is slightly curved, was prepared using Contempo® System. The solution was selected to follow the curve of the wall while providing the convenience of display versatility and avoiding wall damage. Little time is needed to remove and reset this wall with another display.

The facilities manager for the Colorado Capitol Building has installed Click Rail System in the Lt. Governor's Office. This protects the wood paneled walls of this historic space - particularly in light of the frequent changing occupants. The track was faux painted to match the walls and goes virtually unnoticed. More information about using our hanging system in what we term as "high value" walls can be found beginning on page 15 of our Continued Education course.


Of course it is natural to associate hanging system sales with a custom frame store. Many such retailers offer hanging systems to their customers for sale. However, this store hangs finished pieces from an installation of Click Rail System. This allows the store to demonstrate their skill in framing while also avoiding damage to their walls, caused by the frequently changing displays. Their customers receive another benefit - seeing such a system in action.

The gift shop of a museum solved the challenge, two actually, of displaying illustration reprints on vertical slat-walls, which were more difficult by the rather sharp radius of one wall section. Contempo® System Track's curved wall capability provided the solution.

This retailer of fine handcrafted candles, botanicals and other fine home décor items by smartly displaying their wall décor items gained efficiency from Click Rail System. The primary benefits are avoiding wall damage, off course, but also to greatly aid in facilitating changes in the display as items are sold or as inventory turns-over.

In this novel installation a home décor retailer has installed Click Rail Track (barely visible as the lowest reveal detail) behind a display shelf made from oversized crown molding. This allows the display rail to serve as a support for suspended art hung below as well as objects d'art placed upon.


This boutique hotel desired to mount framed art to a difficult wall - concrete. Their solution was to mount Click Rail Track to the wall section at build-out. This allows the property to change art as frequently as do styles and tastes - a very important tactic in such a trendy property.

The Aloft Hotel, a brand of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, has specified Classic System in their lobbies. This particular wall is used to display local art, which is offered for sale. The Classic System, which is a rod-based design, offers an extra benefit, anti-theft capabilities. When deployed with Anti-Theft Rod Kits, a reasonable amount of malicious conduct can be curtailed.

A very novel application, about which more can be found on page 79 of our Continued Education course. Much as is found in a seismic zone, a ship poses unique challenges with all the pitching and yaws of the open seas. This display area, which needs to change regularly, is equipped with Click Rail Tensioned System but in a unique way so the tension passes through the framed art.

In this application, a hotel hangs framed art from the top of a room divider that also serves and a headboard. The wall surface is covered with a sealed closed-pore fabric that should not be punctured. Common art hanging hardware must be avoided. Result, our Panel-Top Hook suspends cable from the panel top.

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