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Pro Side Clamp, Single‐Sided, Small

Pro Side Clamp, Single‐Sided, Small

This product is one of six items in a family of Pro Side Clamps used for suspending rigid panels and display surfaces in a vertical orientation from any of our cables/cords.

Our Pro Side Clamps are made from finely machined aluminum with a very fine brushed surface. Decor jewelry. Then these are finished in a clear anodized surface to maintain these attributes for years.

We think these are the best side clamps available on any continent.

The cable-slot bottom is rounded to protect against deforming the cable shape under pressure from the screw. The cable screw is also finished with a flat tip to again avoid damaging the stainless steel strands.

The cable slot is cut into the end of the body to give a cleaner appearance to both sides of the body. This is particularly nice in double sided displays, such as retail windows.

You have your choice of panel attachment methods. Choose the nylon tipped screw against rigid, or even brittle, substrate. The nylon tipped screw will guard against damaging many surfaces. Or, you may choose the cone tipped screw to dig into your panel material for a strong and secure grip. Finally, again using the cone tipped set screw, and display panels with through holes, the screw will pass through the panels and securely land in a cavity for positive display mounting.

Both nylon tipped and cone tipped set screws are supplied for mounting display panels. All set screws are made of stainless steel.

We offer Pro Side Clamps in small, medium and large. This is the small size and is compatible with panels 1/32" to 0.157" (0.80 - 4.00mm) thick.

Panel Thickness Compatibility

With nylon tip set screw
Minimum: 1/16 in. / 1.5 mm
Maximum: 0.157 in. / 4 mm

With cone tipped set screw
Minimum: 1/32 in. / 0.8 mm
Maximum: 0.157 in. / 4 mm

For guidance, view our Panel Fittings to Panel Thickness compatibility guide.


Rated Strength
Galvanized/Stainless Steel Cable, 20 lbs. (9 Kg)
This is the connection between a steel cable to clamp. With all the variables in display panel substrate we cannot anticipate the potential strength of the clamp/panel connection.

Clamp, Allen key, Nylon Tipped set screw (for panels), Cone Tipped set screw (for panels), Flat Tipped set screw (for cable).

Body: 6061 Aluminum
Set Screws: Stainless Steel

All 1.8mm galvanized and stainless steel cables and 2.0mm Nylon cords. Nylon cords must not be tensioned.

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