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You collect art ... the art is dimensional? We can help. Our Fabric Clasp is used to hang textiles, carpets, or to hang quilts, directly from one of three tracks or our Display Reveal. Additionally, any of our many cable or rod hooks may also be used. Start by hanging P-End rods or cables from the reveal. Learn more about Display Reveal by visiting the page

Art hanging systems don't have to appear contemporary. Here you can see how a client mounted Click Rail track immediately adjacent and below existing crown molding. Once the track is painted to match adjoining finished carpentry, the eye reads it as part of the cornice. Investigate this further in the Click Rail Installation Guide.

Hanging art on brick and masonry walls has always been troublesome. Every picture hanger makes a permanent hole. When this loft was created from an old industrial mill, the wall was restored, but to avoid the many holes that would likely come from its use as an art wall, Cable System was installed. Now, as family portraits are likely to change over time, there will be no inconvenience - and no damage.

From the 1880's through the 1920's many commercial and residential structures were built with a picture rail. In fact, these were the predecessors to our modern engineered wall hanging systems. While moving forward we have also reach back in time. You will find we offer picture rail hooks and other fittings to adapt our many cable fittings to the timeless picture rails found in many legacy structures.

Small Business

Certainly, a use of our hardware that is not top of mind with most, is using these to create menu display boards for cafes and restaurants. Here, our acrylic display pockets have been deployed to present the selections "du jour". However, this is but an appetizer to the many ways in which these sleeves have been deployed - for everything from displaying meeting notices, to inexpensive child art display in waiting rooms, to creating brag walls.

The classic "Brag Wall" presents interesting challenges to facility managers. Such a display wall is to proudly and professionally display various earned awards. However, such displays are dynamic, with new accolades being added and the rest re-positioned to accommodate the newcomers. Thus, the common picture hanger is not preferred, as it leaves holes, requiring patching and painting. Start on page 88 of our Continued Education course to read more on the "Green" and "sustainable" nature of our systems.

Easels. Easels, you may ask? Our Footprintless® Easel remedies the several main shortcomings of common office easels. Mounted to a wall, it consumes no floor space. Also, because of its wall hugging nature, it does not require closet storage space, as it needn't be "put away". It hangs out. However, this clever design is compatible with single paper sheets, easel pads, and even board-mounted articles up to 4-ft. wide, or more.

Hospice and Health

This dental office deployed our Pocket Display System in a treatment area. Pretty photos and calming posters are common is such areas. The design of these top-loading sleeves makes them ideal for this application. Contents may be quickly changed by the season, or targeting patient age or demographics with no clumsy frames to manipulate.

Long-term care facilities frequently deploy the arts as a method of attending to the holistic patient. The architect of this facility imbedded our Wall Track into the natural gap between finished wall panels. In this way the track becomes a design element. The Cable System does a good job of suspending art in the public spaces while protecting wall surfaces from damage.

This, another corridor from the same facility pictured above, shows solid oak finished walls (recycled from trees cleared from the project site) protected from damage common art hangers would introduce. The objects are suspended from Ball-End Cables and Panel-Top Hooks from custom oak picture rail joinery (seen high at left).

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