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Grid-Ceiling Wall Hanger

Grid-Ceiling Wall Hanger

This hanger has been designed to be compatible with a wide variety of suspended ceiling L-molding from manufacturers such as Armstrong Ceiling, USG & Chicago Metallic where ceiling tiles are square edge cut and sit above the T-bars - not a beveled tile edge, concealed T or other less common configurations. The hanger is compatible with L-Molding where the exposed leg is up to 15/16 inch wide. This is about 60% or more of the drop ceiling market.

See the rotating images above to see how it works. Simply insert a Barrel-End cable, of your choice, into the hanger. Then lift the grid ceiling tile slightly and insert the hanger over the lower leg of the wall L-molding in a desired location. Then lower the ceiling tile back to its normal position.


Rated strength: 5 lbs. (2 Kg)
NOTE: Ceiling grid wall molding is typically not fastened in such a way as to bear weight and this limits the strength of this solution.

Compatibility: Barrel-End Cable

NOTE: This hanger is compatible with L-Molding, which is typically found at the perimeter of a suspended (drop) ceiling. It is not compatible with T-bar which cross the space.

Color: White (Color formulation is an average of the color and gloss of major manufacturer moldings)

Product is marked    which is a registered trademark of AS Hanging Display Systems. 
Accept no substitutes.The design of this product is   under patent number D730,161.

Grid Ceiling Wall Hanger Installation Guide.

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Introducing Our Grid Ceiling Wall Hanger

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