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Our products, while simple in concept, may be confusing to those who have no prior experience with this type of hardware. Our products have been designed to allow the user to change locations or objects hanging from the system with great ease. The systems all work on the same principle:

1- Start with a track placed horizontally on the wall or ceiling. Alternately, select from fixed point “piers” or “hangers”.
2- Select a cable or rod that hangs from one of the above.
3- Choose hook to connect your art or object to the above cable/rod.

There are many other variations to further customize your ultimate solution. More on these can be found on product pages for each system.

How to Hang Art

Hanging art is the differentiator and the ultimate personal touch to one’s home. Nothing speaks more about the occupants, their tastes and preferences, their personality, or speaks to what they value, more than the art they choose to place on the walls of their domicile. Yet, tastes change over time. Values change. Budgets change. The one constant is “change”.
AS Hanging Display Systems - The one Constant is Change
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Video Introductions to Primary Systems

Click Rail System
Cable System
Classic Gallery System
Contempo System

Compare our Primary Systems

  Most discreet.
For residential and business use. 
Commercial grade for public spaces. Most convenient.
For art spaces and rapid change-over.
Most versatile.
Installs on straight or curved walls.
Wall Track Closed-face Open-face Open-face Sleek Open-face
Ceiling Track - Open or closed-face Open or closed-face -
Track Weight Capacity Up to 78 lb. Up to 300 lb. Up to 300 lb. Up to 78 lb.
Track Finish Options 7 4 4 4
Vertical Component Stainless cables
Discreet Nylon cords
Stainless cables
Discreet Nylon cords
Aluminum rods
Stainless rods
Rods, cables
and cords
Viewable Sides Both sides Both sides Single-sided Both sides
Suspend/Tension Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
(cables or rods)
Options Anti-Theft Kit
Sloped Ceiling Kit
  Anti-Theft Kit
Custom shaped rods

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