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E-Clip Cable Clamp

E-Clip Cable Clamp

This fitting, part of a series of hardware particularly designed for presenting panels of all types, clips onto the sides of 1/8 inch thick material such as acrylic for which it is well matched. This spring steel fitting does not use set screws and so it very quick to use and saves much set-up time over side clamps, for example. It hold panels in a vertical axis. Typically these are used in sets of four to hold one of our acrylic pockets, with one E-Clip at each corner. In this way they simulate a single-sided side clamp. However, the clever way in which the grasping fingers are offset allows an E-Clip to be installed opposing another from the same cable. In this configuration they simulate a double-sided side clamp. See first image above.

Not suitable for glass and should be considered a budget solution for attaching 1/8 inch thick acrylic panels to our cables.

E-Clip is available in two quantity count packs, 4 pcs. and 24 pcs.


Rated strength when used with:
Galvanized/Stainless Steel Cable, 2.5 lbs (0.9 Kg)
Nylon Cord, 2.5 lbs (0.9 Kg)

Maximum opening: E-Clips are particularly designed to grasp the edges of 1/8" thick material such as acrylic and other similarly rigid panels.

Compatibility: All cables and cords. Not compatible with glass.

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Product Usage Tip: Short Fixed Piers

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