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Display Reveal

Display Reveal

Similar in function to our Wall Track, this is in fact not a surface mounted track but an imbedded reveal. It is built into within the wall structure and is sized to be compatible with common ½” and 5/8” thick gypsum wallboard. Once installed and the wall is finished, it creates a smart looking 1/2” wide horizontal reveal from which cables and rods may be suspended.

It is the only wall reveal ever designed as part of a comprehensive system that includes cables, rods and an industry leading variety of hooks and fittings. It is a reveal but also serves as a fully functional and most discreet display system track. The clever design transfers weight suspended from cables and rods into the reveal cavity, avoiding any reliance on the reveal lip. This avoids potential damage or cracking of the joint compound. The design is symmetrical to avoid field installation errors.This is a display wall track that is built into a wall during build out. Please download and read Display Reveal Installation. This drywall reveal does require backing.



Material: Extruded aluminum track
Length: 120 inches (10 ft) / 305 cm
Rated strength: 110 lbs (50 Kg) per linear foot
Installation surface: Imbedded in wall structure
Available Finish: Anodized Silver Satin, field paintable

Hole pattern: Mounting flanges are pre-perforated to assist in attaching to structure. Holes do not have particular placement and may or may not align with mounting screws.

Fasteners: Installer is responsible to select appropriate fastener for a particular assembly. See Installation Guide.

Compatibility: Classic System, Cable System, P-End Cables, P-End Rods (aluminum and Stainless), Anti-Theft Secure Rod

Note: Only cables and rods made by AS Hanging Display Systems shall be used to suspend loads from Display Reveal. These cables and rods transfer the weight to the inside of the display wall reveal chamber and not to the lip of the reveal opening. Never shall a load be suspended directly from the lip of the reveal opening.

The design of this product is   under patent number D752,422.


Display Reveal Installation Guide.

Important Shipping Information

This product ships via common carrier trucking. Shipping fees will NOT be calculated when ordering on-line; please contact our Customer Service at or 866 935 6949 to get an accurate shipping quote. Special handling required.

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Introducing Display Reveal – Not Your Standard Wall Track

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