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Counter-Weight Stabilizer, Cable

Counter-Weight Stabilizer, Cable

Occasionally, a particular framed item simply will not behave when hanging from a hanging cable system. This is particularly true when the object is short in the vertical dimension, or the frame is thick or very light. What will happen is that the top of the frame will tilt away from the wall. To lessen this situation we offer our Counter-Weight Stabilizer, for cables. In an unorthodox manner, this item will attach to the lower back surface of the frame. The included Cable Guides keep the frame from flipping over. This ingenious design causes the center of gravity to be moved much lower in the frame and allows it to hang better on the wall with less tilt at the top. This assortment also includes two large bumpers. These cause the bottom of the frame to come away from the wall more inline with the upper edge. The result is a frame that responds in a more pleasing way. Depending on a large number of variables, this may, or may not, solve all issues with some hanging objects.

Not compatible with aluminum frames or other frames too small to accept screws needed to mount supplied components. Other screws may be substituted in place of those supplied.

For best results, pair this product with our Mini Hook or Multi-Purpose Hook.

Only used when a wall object is hanging from two cables – one at each of the left and right rails of the frame. For frames hanging from a single cable, see our conventional Frame Stabilizer for Cables.


Compatibility: All cables and cords

Includes: Two (2x) Medium size D-Ring Hangers, two (2x) Cable Guides, four (4x) #6 x 1/2" screws with combo Phillips/square drive and two (2x) Bumpers.

NOTE: Does not include the needed cable/cord or hook.

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Product Introduction: Counter-Weight Stabilizer for Cables and Rods

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