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Articulated Pier, Point-to-Point Sets

Articulated Pier, Point-to-Point Sets

Articulated Piers swivel 180 and rotate 360 degrees, which allow them to mount to walls, ceilings, floors and angled surfaces and are mostly used in pairs (two cables). These are only to be used with cables running in a vertical axis, never in a horizontal manner.


Length: 120 inches (10 ft.) / 305 cm

Each Set Includes:
Hex Nut Articulated Pier
Self-Gripping Articulated Pier
10' Barrel-End Stainless Steel Cable
Compression Spring
(2x) #6 x 1¼ in. screws and TripleGrip™ anchors
(2x) #6 x 2 in. wood screw

The hardware included in this assortment may be used to mount a pier base to brick, cement, plaster, ceramic surfaces and structural wood. To mount the piers to gypsum board (drywall) please also order our Decorative Mounting Plates, which include Wing Toggles.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the installer to select the proper mounting hardware for a particular installation.

Rated Strength: The weight capacity of an individual pier/steel cable may be as low as 5 lbs., (static load), depending on the mounting hardware and installation surface and technique. The Upper Pier and supplied cable are rated at 33 lbs.

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Articulated Piers Installation Guide.

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