Acrylic Pocket Display

Acrylic Pocket Display
Acrylic Pocket Display

The Pocket Display System is endlessly versatile and is ideal for displaying a series of themed items. You can deploy standoffs or art tracks to suspend the acrylic pocket displays. Then, transform your wall into an engaging visual display. There are an abundant number of ways you can make use of pocket displays. Our customers have employed them to create brag walls, show real estate listings, display children's art, display public notices, showcase photography and more. This system is smartly designed so you can update your hanging items as frequently as desired.

The pocket display picture hanging track uses pockets and clamps to display your visuals and may be configured from any of our cable-based systems including the AS Hanging Cable System, Click Rail System, Contempo® System as well as Point-to-Point Piers/Standoffs.

Pair your pocket display with our new series of Cable tensioners, which can handle significantly more tension than other tensioning springs. The result is a sleek high design presentation that will minimize sway of your display. Feel free to call Customer Support line to receive personalized design assistance.

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