Contempo System

Contempo System
Contempo System

The Contempo System is our most versatile wall hanging solution, with a specially designed wall track that can adapt to curved walls and straight walls equally well. Unlike other art display systems hardware, the sleek standoff mounted Contempo® Track and thin design can overcome the challenges of hanging objects on “difficult” curved walls such as concave, convex and serpentine surfaces. You will also find this hanging system is compatible with both cables and rods, again emphasizing its versatility.

Perhaps equally compelling is that the Contempo art display system track is mounted from small standoffs. These, combined with geometric cable hangers and track profile, give this display system a smart and engineered appearance where interior fittings enhance an overall vision and design. This system may also be deployed with tensioned cables, allowing the displayed items to “float” in front of a wall surface.

Walls that may otherwise go bare can now be utilized to showcase artwork, photography, corporate branding and other wall displays - beautifully and securely.

Like all our hanging systems, the Contempo System can greatly reduce recurring wall patching and painting on display surfaces in commercial spaces. This sustainable solution is good for corporate budgets and for Mother Earth. Displays can be easily changed repeatedly, while avoiding damaging nails.

Hang on walls without nails. Learn more about our tracks, cables, hooks, and other Contempo System accessories. Visit our blog Customer Corner page to discover some of the unique and creative applications AS Hanging Display Systems customers have completed with our display cable systems.

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